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4-Star, Four-Star Cottages In Trinity Bight

Entrance To Skerwink Hiking TrailNow Available!
Two 4-star cottages at Skerwink
hiking trail.

Experience the transforming spirit of Trinity Bight, Newfoundland, and the Discovery Trail through the tension between the brooding, rocky coastline and the quaint friendly fishing villages dotting it.

Manifesting the spirit of the place are two lovingly restored and fully equipped 4-star Newfoundland Vacation Homes – Eagle Peak provides accommodations in Trinity East and Devil’s Cove in Port Rexton – both on the Bonavista Peninsula, the east coast of Newfoundland. The traditional design and comfortable amenities of these vacation accommodations are surpassed only by their stunning panoramic ocean views.

The newest addition to Newfoundland Vacation Homes is Skerwink Station – two four-star cottages located at the very entrance to the Skerwink Trail. These unique vacation homes have all the amenities to make your stay memorable plus the advantage of a famous hiking trail at your door-step. Literally.

With historic Trinity, a National Historic Site, and the renowned Skerwink hiking trail at your doorstep, you will be torn between exploring nature, culture and history or just plain relaxing on the deck - both options steeped in unimaginable beauty. Life is choice. No one promised it would be easy.

Exceed your expectations.

“…Devil's Cove really won my heart. I've seldom stayed in a more serene environment, with the beauty of the interior matching the stunning, simple beauty of the outdoors.”

- Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, April 07, 2007

4-Star, Four Star Accommodations, Bonavista PeninsulaUnique Vacations In Newfoundland
4-Star, Four Star Vacation Rental, Discovery TrailOcean Views Of Trinity

Devil’s Cove, a 4.5-star vacation rental accommodation in scenic Port Rexton, Trinity Bight, is surrounded by majestic seacoast, offering stunning coastal views and the crashing sounds of the powerful Atlantic Ocean. Can you hear the whales?

Devil’s Cove is a meticulously restored four-bedroom vacation home, tastefully furnished with understated elegance. Step out the door and onto the famous Skerwink hiking trail – considered one of the best in Canada!

Atop a grassy hill in Trinity East overlooking Trinity Harbour and the ocean beyond,
Eagle Peak stands watch over historic Trinity - one of the oldest communities in North America.

Its breathtaking views, authentic Newfoundland charm, and generous
amenities make this three-bedroom
house the perfect home from
which to explore the Bonavista
Peninsula and the Discovery
Whales. Puffins.
Icebergs. Rare birds.

Newfoundland Vacation Homes is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.
See Our Values for more information.

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